You’re a business or department leader and you’ve just been told ‘Next year you have to cut costs, but achieve the same or even higher output’.

Has it ever been any different, you ask yourself?

This year, however, there is an answer.

It’s a little thing called Transformation 2.0 and it’s changing the way businesses operate. Over the last thirty years we had Transformation 1.0 which was a raft of efficiency improvements due to IT and business process changes.

Transformation 2.0 is all about people. When you put people in the jobs they were made for, you not only get higher productivity you actually save money!

That’s not just a euphemism. It means what it says: your staff will cost you less. And the really nut-cracking fact is that they will be happier and work harder while you are spending less money on them.

OND has created an infographic and spreadsheet to help you see where you can save money and how much it will be. Contact us for details.

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