Doers are the backroom heroes of the company. They don’t sell, they don’t strategise and they’re not brilliant with relationships. They don’t, therefore, really stand out. Yet without them doing and building and getting stuff done, the org falls apart.

But how do you manage them?

Well here’s one insight that you can use with all your doers (and remember that’s about 50% of the population). It’s based on this true statement that applies to all of them:

Doers hate to be wrong.

Got that? It means if they make a mistake, they really hate it. More than the rest of us.

So to build the trust of your doers, they have to know you will always give them the time and space to get stuff right. Don’t expect them to sell or innovate or socialise ideas through the business. They can’t do that. Give them the space and the materials and the time and they will deliver. They’ll do.

Now your company will get stuff done.


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