Know your people deeply, build winning teams, connect your organization.

Know your people deeply, build winning teams, connect your organization.

If any enterprise is to be successful, it has to join the dots between its people and all its different parts.

But to begin with, everyone needs to know each other in a way that’s more meaningful than before.

Let’s look at what we normally learn about others when we first meet them: their skills. We learn that Deb is an accountant, that Sunil is a marketer and that Bob is an engineer. But that doesn’t tell us anything about who they really are. It only tells us about some skills they picked up, skills that are copied across millions of others. Who are Deb, Sunil and Bob really? How do they think and behave and what motivates them to reach for the stars?

When you have the answers to those questions – and you have it in a format that you can use readily – you can now see these complex, amazing individuals in all their 3-dimensional richness. Then when you add in some of our new tools, like the all-graphical team dashboard you can put those capable 3D people together to build teams that always win. Finally you can go on to connect up those teams so that everyone across the enterprise can collaborate smartly – even if they only just met.

And when you’ve done that and your organization is performing at the top level of its potential, you’re not only winning all your competitive battles, you have people who are happy, safe and spreading positive vibes through their colleagues, families and friends.

That’s the way it was always meant to be.


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