Hot on the heels of our last post about the difficulties faced by enterprises trying to recruit, comes a new trauma for corporations. This is called the Great Resignation and it’s been described at length on sites like Bloomberg and in this article from Wired magazine.

To summarize, businesses across the US and UK are being rocked by the number of sudden and unexpected resignations they are experiencing. People are taking months away from work to go travelling and indulge in soulful meaning-of-life introspection. Others are looking for less stressful (and lower salaried) jobs or to be their own boss, running their own show. Still more want to work from home even if it means changing jobs and taking a step back in their career.

Clearly the attraction of corporate life, such a massive draw to earlier generations, has become kryptonite to many millennials and Gen Z-ers. They are just not willing to slave and toil for four decades in order to fund a decent retirement in their silver years.

Can this all be blamed on post-Covid disenchantment with the strains of office politics? Or a feeling of hopelessness in the face of shrill warnings about climate change?

Whatever the cause, there’s something that organizations can do to fix the problems. They can make work interesting again.

To do this, it’s only necessary to recruit and team by people’s talents, not by their skills. The two are completely different as our article shows. Our talents are what drive us and motivate us. When we’re given work that matches our born-with talents, we’re excited and interested. We want to do the work. No-one can keep us away from it.

But until now, employers have been unwilling, or unable, to discover employee’s talents in their awesome 3-dimensional detail. If they did, they would be astonished at what they found. They would see that employees have amazing competencies – and they’re not being used.

No wonder people are finally chucking in the towel. They’re bored with work and they’re not prepared to fake it any more. They’re leaving in droves.

The Great Resignation and the Great Recruitment Fail are now burning platforms that corporate America and Britain must fix. Employers need to appeal to employees’ talents, not skills. They need to make work interesting again.

Method Teaming is the tool that can help them see what’s wrong and how to make it right. It’s the gateway to the era of Smart Work.


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