Method Teaming© is a tool that helps you design your organisation from the top down. Then it helps you to build it. It does all this in a meaningful way that lets you attract, develop and retain the people that will let you outthink the competition.

The sophisticated tools in Method Teaming (MT) can be understood and put to use by CEOs and managers after about an hour’s training. They allow you to plan the perfect organization, team by team, person by person, as if they were valuable chess pieces on a giant board.

It’s reckoned that the biggest cause of people leaving an organisation is not because they’re underpaid, it’s because they’re not appreciated. They want to contribute more. They want to be able to use their born-with talents (see our article talents vs skills), every day. If they can’t, they leave.

MT’s design features help you achieve several things at once. Firstly, you can design the perfect organization by cherry picking the exact talents you need for all the different roles.

Secondly, you can build it. MT’s Precision Recruitment helps you recruit with precision knowing when you’ve got those talents sitting in the person in front of you. And with MT you can ensure that each person’s talents will connect naturally with those around them.

Finally, by selecting this way you will fill every role with someone who wants to be there long-term, not looking for greener grass somewhere else. They will be there for the long-term because you’ve given them a role where they are using those born-with talents every day. That’s what everyone around the world wants to do.

Of course, you’ve already got people in your organization. It’s not a blank sheet. No matter, MT can help you design for the future so that everyone will be in the right place in your organization, within a short space of time, delivering on all of their potential.

That’s when you can outthink, outmanoeuvre and outperform all your competition. That’s organization by design. That’s Method Teaming.

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