She based her career on a single behavioral psychometric. Now she’s suffering in the wrong job.


Would you pay $75 for completely inaccurate information about your career? Many people do.

There are plenty of cheap tests available on the internet which offer to help guide your career. They carry labels like ‘personality tests’, or ‘traits assessments’ or similar. Some of them are offered by apparently blue-chip outfits. But their long-term effect could cost you a vast amount of money or wreck your career or your personal life.

The assumption most people make is that personality tests like these may be limited in scope, but at least the little they tell you is going to be right. Similar to getting your car checked over by a tyre center, you know they’re not going to assess your engine.

But this assumption is in error. The mind and brain are extraordinarily complex. Cheap ‘psycho tests’ can be thunderingly wrong. Even the little they tell you may send you down the wrong road in your career and into a dead-end. You may never get back on track. They are like visiting a crystal ball gazer.

Treat cheap psychos like you would a virus. Keep your distance.


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