Based on a true event. Only the people and organisation names have been changed.

Brenda was stressed. With a Masters from Yale and a careerbackground in finance in a New York bank, she was hardly short of intellectual gunnery. Yet having taken a salary cut to work in Place, a non-profit for the homeless because it met the demands of her conscience, she now found that her new job was getting her down.

It should have been so easy.

Brenda’s colleagues thought so too. They were slightly awed at her abilities. She used words they had rarely heard of and was entirely comfortable talking to academics who wanted research for their sociology papers. But they noticed too the worried frowns, the office speed-walking, the never-ending coffee. Something wasn’t right. No-one tackled her about it or said ‘relax, honey, the weekend’s coming’ as they would have said to each other. She was just too formidable.

But concern for her eventually reached Don, the CEO. Don was a new appointment to Place and had not had his Intellect mapped, as everyone else in the busy non-profit had. He was still to be convinced about Method Teaming and did not use the science in daily dealings with his staff. Don had no idea how to fix the problem.

Things were heading nowhere. (Though Brenda was heading for a breakdown.)

One day Don called in Scott, a Method Teaming practitioner who was also a non-exec member of the non-profit’s board.

‘How do I fix Brenda, before she blows up?’ asked Don.

‘The problem is that her job description and objectives don’t match the way her mind works’, replied Scott, looking at her Intellect map. ‘She’s naturally a PD, someone who likes to go deep with knowledge. She wants to research and analyse stuff. But her job requires her to make lots of instant decisions based on incomplete information. She’s committed to Place’s goals. But she can’t cope with a job role that’s made for someone else.’

Don and Scott spent a half hour considering the options.

Eventually Don made his mind up.

‘She’ll have to go’, he declared solemnly.

Scott cocked his head.

‘To a new role that we’ll create for her,’ Don continued. ‘When she’s doing the work she was made for, I know she’ll outperform. We’ll more than make up the cost of her salary in donations when we showcase her achievements. Now that I know what she can do, I know she will take the organisation to new heights.’

‘Great. Though I was worried you might make the wrong decision,’ said Scott.

‘I don’t want to replace her. I want to re-place her.’

‘A new base in Place for the lady from Chase?’



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