Our best and brightest who are coming onto the jobs market this summer, either out of school or out of college, possess formidable strengths and talents.

Right out of the box, as it were, they could be extremely valuable assets to any business or organization. They could be highly productive and effective. But they are held back by a medieval hiring outlook which says they are no good because they have no experience.

This is judging people by a test which you know they’ll fail. It is as lopsided and myopic as you can get. Of course they have no experience. But younger job seekers have camel bags of ready to unwrap strengths and talents that would fire up the fortunes of any corporate.

Most corporates, however, have not developed the ability to look at what graduates can do. Instead, hiring managers only look at what someone has done. Why are they looking backwards when they should be looking forwards? Don’t they know past performance is no guide to the future?

If organizations would look at young people through the lens of our 3D Talent scan, they would see people they can use right now. Let’s end this ‘sure fail’ experience test today. If you want to hire a young person who will fit right in and deliver shiploads of value, ask us how.

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