What really makes the wealth of a nation? Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, said this week on CBS ‘60 Minutes’ that what really makes the wealth of a nation is its ability to maximize its human resources potential. He was saying this in the context of America’s challenge to maintain its lead over China.

Blinken added one more very important point. He said America is in a better place to maximise the potential of its people ‘if we are smart about it.’

Quite so.

Business leaders have exactly the same challenge to survive and thrive in today’s fierce post-Covid economy.

In fact the question is virtually the same.

What really makes the wealth of a business?

Let’s answer this question with an example. Imagine you want to build a top-flight business. You want to do it fast. So you hire the most highly qualified people you can find and you use them to fill all your vacancies. You now have a full roster. But have you got a business that’s maximising its human resources potential?

Almost certainly not.

You may have got some great people. But at the outset, all they have is potential. It is whether or not you can realize that potential that will decide if they can make you a top-flight business.

Smart collaboration is the way to realize potential. It’s what happens when you take a diverse range of Intellects and you blend them together in just the right way to maximise the potential of every individual. When you do that you have maximised the potential of the entire company. Then you have a business that can out-compete every other company in the world.

It’s that simple. Yet Method Teaming is the only methodology in the world that can deliver smart collaboration every time.

Maximise the potential of all your people. Of course, it’s good for productivity and profits. But it’s good for your people too. It will make them happier, more fulfilled and enhance their careers.

Smart collaboration is the smart way to keep ahead. It’s also the smart way to keep America ahead.


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