Change is happening faster than ever before. One of today’s biggest business issues is the inability of a company to respond to fast changing market conditions. The inhibitor for any organization is not being able to bring new teams or the right teams together quickly enough. The result is that companies are losing market share and revenue as their fleet of foot competitors take the high ground. Rapid team formation is a must!

Make the most of your people

When thinking about bringing the right talent to bear at the right moment, not only do companies not have a language and methodology for teaming but, very often, their processes and systems just get in the way. And yet, this should be of no surprise, as just about all the investment in the business world over the last three decades has been focused on improving processes and technology, with little thought for the people dimension. Businesses have not made enough investment in teaching their people how to leverage each other’s strengths and how to combine these strengths to create effective, powerful teams. Too much lip service is paid to the notion that “people are our most important asset”. Really? For sure, people are certainly one of our most expensive assets, so why not make the most with them…now!

Teams must be able to form rapidly

The biggest investments that are being made by businesses these days are in Capital Programs; programs that could be in excess of 40% of a company’s expenditure. These programs require that your company is very agile indeed so as to gain the largest and fastest returns. To achieve this, your people have to have the ability to rapidly form into teams and come together in a way where the team members are instantly engaged, productive and motivated. We observe that most teams are created and then kept static throughout the project or task. This is a huge mistake! Teams need to be more dynamic and fluid to meet the challenge of constantly changing opportunities and threats. In this way, teams are kept leaner and more effective at the same time.

Your business can have unrivalled speed

Perhaps this is sounding all a little too daunting but all is not lost! Imagine if you had a simple language and elegant science that enabled you to positively embrace rapid changes. Imagine you used a unique and intuitive methodology that helped your people to engage with each other immediately to create powerful, purpose-built high-performance teams! Imagine if that same methodology enabled you to optimize the use of your most creative minds so you could achieve breakthrough innovation that moves you ahead of your competition! Method Teaming, from OND, will help you do all of this and more! With its unique focus on “team first”, Method Teaming enables you to deploy the strengths and talents of your people with utmost precision and with unrivalled speed.

To find out how Method Teaming can help you with Rapid Team Formation, contact OND …now!



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