Too many people have been cast aside by too many organizations that take ‘knee jerk’ reactions in tough times. When the going gets tough, the management cuts back.

But there are businesses that do the opposite too. Imagine the pride and loyalty employees would feel if THEIR organization stood by them and sent an unmistakable signal that ‘We are here for the long haul’ and ‘We will prosper in this environment while others flounder’. 

What better way to send that signal  than making use of the temporary lull in business activity to get to know their people better, investing in understanding their Intellect and supporting them to be the best version of themselves. Then when the good times come again, leaders will have a far greater understanding of how best to use these powerful Intellects to create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. That’s an organisation that will reap a huge reward. That’s an organization building teams that work.

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