It’s more important to align talent, not skills, to job role – official!

Simon Sinek, the TED talking author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant explains that our attitude to work is driven by what lies deep within us, not what we know.

The oldest parts of our brain are our limbic brains which are right at the core, he says. These are the parts which deal with trust, loyalty and behavior. Significantly, it is also the place where our natural strengths and talents reside and where real decision-making is done.

Skills, facts and language, on the other hand are stored in the newer, outer part of the brain, the neo-cortex. If we try to make decisions based on the contents of our neo-cortex alone, those decisions are soon rejected and overturned by the more powerful limbic brain. In other words we cannot talk ourselves into liking a particular role just because it ‘makes dollars and sense’.

Listen to this short extract from Simon’s talk.   Length 1 min 43 secs.


This is why it is absolutely vital that an employee’s job role is completely aligned with their natural talent. The area of the brain where talent resides is the same area in which the employee decides whether they want to work for you or not.

If you have aligned job roles with skills and experience only, your organization is likely suffering from low productivity, disengagement and high turnover. But if you want to make sure all your staff are working in roles that align with their natural talent, find out how Method Teaming builds mission-perfect teams.


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