There’s a strange phenomenon that’s being experienced by more and more hiring managers in the US and Europe. They are being ‘ghosted’ by candidates.

This Slate article reports how job seekers frequently don’t turn up for interview or, if offered a job, don’t bother to show up on the first day.

It’s a reversal of roles from the last several decades when employers would treat job seekers with disdain, either failing to acknowledge job applications or taking candidates through several interviews only to turn them down with a terse refusal at the end of the process.

What’s behind all this and what can employers do about it?

Clearly, we’re now in a sellers’ market. Employers can’t find enough staff and candidates know it. They’re holding out for the best jobs.

Traditionally, employers would respond by offering higher and higher salaries. However, this time that’s not cutting it. Young people want more from their job and career. They don’t believe that money alone will be fulfilling – and of course, they’re right.

But there’s a whole new play that employers can make – if they’re willing to tear up the old rule book.

Employers can give young people exactly what they want: a fulfilling career. They can make a promise to get to know employees at a fundamental level – and be sure that the work they give them will fulfil them. It sounds like a major shift in focus. But in practical terms, it can be achieved with some very small, easy steps.

Method Teaming® was made to address this problem. Method Teaming meets the recruitment needs of both employer and employee.

Firstly, it shows hiring managers how to compile a meaningful job description that can actually be carried out by a real person, not superman or superwoman.

Secondly, it delivers a talent scan that accurately reveals a candidate’s natural strengths and lays them out in an easy-to-read format.

Finally, Method Teaming puts the two together. It shows the hiring manager how to compare the job description with the candidate’s talent scan to see if there is a satisfactory match.

This process is a far more accurate predictor of a candidate’s success in the role than scrutiny of a résumé/c.v.

Now, employees will at last be able to take their natural strengths and talents, that they’ve been desperate to use for years, and put them to work in their career.

And employers, in putting those talents to work, can raise engagement, speed and quality in the workplace in a sustainable manner. It’s a Win-Win.

Say good-bye to ghosting. Say hello to talent fulfilment.

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