The Neuroscience of Method Teaming. MT delivers comprehensive coverage of the brain’s higher order thinking processes.

Neuroscience of psychometrics

One of the figures in the report.


Neuroscience has shone its light on Method Teaming and revealed some exciting conclusions. It has proved that the coverage of its instrument set across the higher order landscape of the human brain is far-reaching and comprehensive.

In the summer of 2020, OND LLC engaged a Masters neuroscience graduate, Alex Nagle, to conduct a review of Method Teaming in order to determine how it maps to the brain’s neural processes. Alex’s research took 3 months and involved a journey through nearly 90 academic papers and writings.

He found that the three Method Teaming instruments interrogate subtly different areas of the brain. Whilst there is some overlap, which is only to be expected, the instruments do not repeatedly poll the same regions and circuits. Instead, they ask different questions of different activity centres across the cerebrum and other higher order thinking centres of the brain. Thus the results deliver a far more comprehensive and accurate picture of a person’s natural strengths and talents than popular but flawed 1 or 2-dimensional studies.

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