What if there was no management staircase?

Now I’m not talking about the organization that distributes the mail. I’m referring to the work environment that comes into play when authority (i.e. management) is no longer needed.

So why am I even raising the ‘end of authority’ as a subject, as if such a scenario is remotely conceivable? We all need authority, don’t we? We all know we have to be managed, right?

Apparently not.

Millennials are the least positive about authority of any generation, ever. Millennials want to make an impact and feel fulfilled by the work that they do. They accept authority because they see it as part of the game. It’s the price they are willing to pay for coming to work and having so much fun.

But what if millennials are right and management authority was no longer needed? What if we all worked in a hierarchy-free zone?

Let’s paint it:

In this company, workers (also known as players) turn up at the office early because it’s the place they want to be. They don’t have targets or objectives. They play all day at their desks doing things they really want to do. They go home when they feel like it having achieved much more than their parents or grandparents would have done in the same amount of time.

The only problem about this dream work environment is that even millennials don’t believe it can actually happen. Nor does the next generation, Generation Z, who are about to begin working life and are even more anti-authority than millennials.

But only 40 years ago, nobody believed in global work teams. And only 20 years ago, nobody believed you could put all your information in a cloud.

When will your office be a PAW office?

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