The talent revolution is the new business productivity wave that’s taking over from the total quality programs of the 80s and the process re-engineering and IT waves of the 90s and noughties.

The talent revolution delivers wins for people, teams and organizations:

People win because they’re given the type of work they do best. They’re more engaged and better motivated.

Teams win because everybody is in the right role for their talent. This means the work gets done better and faster and the team becomes thicker.

Organizations win because they deliver on their promise that people are their greatest asset and they see productivity and innovation gains off the charts.

The science behind the talent revolution is more than 15 years old. That’s long enough for it to have been proved many times over.

But it’s new enough that it’s still exciting. It’s leading edge, not bleeding edge.

And it’s still at the early adopters stage of the curve. The best years of the talent revolution lie ahead.

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