Most people reading this don’t keep bees. But if you were asked how to attract bees to your neighborhood I bet most of you would instinctively know the answer: grow flowers.

Yet in recruitment, although most companies are also trying to attract busy workers, they get the solution wrong. They don’t offer what people really want – a place where their natural talents can shine – instead they offer money.

Way down the list, it’s true, companies try to entice workers by offering them a chance to ‘make a difference’. In other words, build a better SEO experience. Or design a better workflow. Or create a better customer feedback form. But did they ever check that people truly, madly, deeply want to do those things? No.

Every one of us was born with talents. We didn’t choose them. They’re there and trying to get out. If a company promised to give us a job that matched our talent we’d cross the skies to get it.

But they don’t. They offer us money. Or a feedback form design tool. And then they’re surprised they can’t attract talent.

All people want is to work in a team where their natural, innate talent can blossom and shine. A team where everyone else’s talents are already shining.

So don’t make your jobs look like money dungeons. Instead build teams where talented people – busy bees – are in just the right role where their talent can shine. Build teams that are made with talent in mind and you’ll attract more talent, effortlessly, just like flowers attract bees.

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