Talent loves to work with talent. There is no greater excitement for someone bursting with talent (which is all of us) than to come to work knowing you are in a team where everybody is doing a job they love and doing it well.

This is the essence of teams that work.

Unfortunately, most people in the world today don’t have this experience of work. That’s because 70% of their team-mates are not fully engaged. This means they are not committed to their organization and are open to moving somewhere else. The lack of enthusiasm in such teams (almost every team in the world, except those already touched by Method Teaming) means no-one comes to work bursting with excitement. Even if you are lucky enough to love your job you are demotivated by those who don’t.

Today, CEOs are more desperate than ever to counter this listlessness by building a great culture. It’s a noble idea but founded on the mistaken assumption that you can build a great work environment without first building teams that work. Yet this is the place where culture is built. Culture exists between people who work together. It comes from bottom up, not top down.

Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to build a great culture. But to do it you need to get everyone doing a job they were naturally made for and interacting with others who are doing likewise. This is how you get the team popping. Few organizations know how to do this. Not even Google who have, ironically, searched for years for a solution.

Don’t fight against talent by confusing it with skills. Talent is older, deeper, richer and far more powerful than any learnt skills. Nor can you discover talent by analysing personality profiles. Personality is not talent. Discover the talent around you and use it to build teams that work. Then a great culture will emerge.


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