Think your colleague is being awkward? No, they’re just being true to their talent.

Around half the population are ‘doers’. These are people who like to do, to make, to build. They like to have a deep reservoir of knowledge about their work, just in case someone asks them a question. They are often engineers, programmers, doctors and at the weekend they’re lovingly restoring an old steam engine in their garage. They love to do.

But there is something else that goes along with their talent: they like to know what’s in their schedule. And stick to it.

If you book a meeting with a ‘doer’ and you send them an agenda, they will prepare for it. They will be ready for anything you can throw at them. But here’s the rub. They can’t cope when you turn up at the meeting and ask them about a completely different subject. Even if it’s within their competence.

If you’re a sales type, or a designer or co-ordinator you can probably cope with a change in schedule fairly easily. It goes with your talent.

But doers can’t.

They’re not being awkward. It’s just the way they’re made.

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