We think about changing our job 16 times a year on average. And we actually change employers every 5 years.

What’s gone wrong?

Instability like this is a disaster for personal lives and employers alike. It demonstrates that we have no idea how to scan people for their talents and put them into jobs where they can grow and be nurtured. It’s a national scandal. Yet no-one is outraged.

And psychometrics that aim to solve the problem are no better than putting snake oil on a broken leg. They just don’t work.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Method Teaming technology can build teams that work; put people where they will thrive; raise engagement levels to new highs; increase efficiency, quality and productivity.

But it’s safer to stick with the old ways. No manager will be fired for losing talented workers. It happens all the time. It was the employee’s fault. They weren’t right for the job. Too bolshy. Too quiet. Too ambitious. Too unambitious. Too proud. Too humble. It’s good they’ve gone.

Let’s hire someone new. Let’s continue to pretend. No matter how many lives we wreck.

If you want to stop the wreckage, contact us.

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