Networkers think on the “who” dimension. The Networker reads the following instantly: people and their needs, situations, group dynamics, and cultures. They radiate empathy.

The Networkers’ relationships are their single most valued asset. Where the EQ wants to be 20 places in a week, the Networker will put down deep roots in an account or organization where their relationships will pay great dividends. For the Networkers, the relationship complexity present in most companies is as easy to understand and to mine as the content complexity is for the PD.

In what type of role does the Networker excel? They make world-class Account Managers for both internal and external clients. They will studiously avoid being seen as an expert in any specific technical content by their clients. However, they want to be perceived as masters of critical “human” aspects of successful projects. They want their clients to think of them as generalists who can solve their problem. The client wants the Networker to win and will tell them how. The Networker always keeps a positive balance in political capital.

In selling, it is critical to understand how to sell to a Networker. Selling to a Networker is completely different than selling to the other three Intellects.


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