Strategists think on the “what” dimension. Strategists are outrageously creative and innovative. They are always thinking outside the box and, unlike the PD, they thrive in ambiguity because they will invent models to understand the ambiguity. Creating innovative “whats” is the beauty of life for the Strategist. They have the ability to create the pipeline of ideas flowing not only to the Networker, but also to the EQ and PD.

Strategists are not found frequently in the business world. Their creativity draws them to other professions such as writing, art, music, theatre etc. When found in the business world, many are ‘hiding out’ as PDs, their innovative minds grossly underutilized by their teams. Not detail oriented, Strategists dislike the work of implementing their ideas. If necessary, they will: but it won’t be pretty.

A Strategist with business acumen can be immensely powerful in a market. Put a world-class Strategist on a sales team and their creative “whats” will obliterate the competition. Strategists can devise ways to usurp selection criteria to win deals.

In selling, it is critical to understand how to sell to a Strategist. Selling to a Strategist is completely different than selling to the other three Intellects


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