More than any other Intellect, Networkers see the natural talents in each of us and actively look for ways to help each individual use their talent to help the team and company. They are strongly motivated to help others. They have empathy and hence, easily see the world from another’s perspective. They know, in advance, if two team members will have trouble communicating for any number of reasons: misalignment of goals, different communication styles, inherent mistrust, etc. Focused on ensuring seamless team communication and activity toward the organizational objectives, the Networker heads off communication breakdowns so the engine of progress runs smoothly. A Maseratti without oil may be a fine car, but it won’t make it to the end of the driveway. A team without a Networker is a powerful work engine headed straight for a communication breakdown that can be fatal.

Like all of the intellects, there is a dark side to the Networkers. One for the Networkers is that they can be surprisingly territorial, particularly as it pertains to their relationships.

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