The Strategist has a game-changing idea. Being a high pattern thinker with the ability to see many chess moves into the future, the Strategist knows the idea will work. But, since it is a breakthrough idea, it’s never been tried before. There isn’t any proof it will work, or data, or examples to support it. Trusting the Strategist and knowing the company’s critical need for the idea, the Networker socialized it. The company bought it. The company now has two important challenges. 1) How do we build an implementation plan around something that has never been done before? Remember, our most gifted planners and detailed implementers are risk averse; they hate to be wrong. 2) How do we maintain the integrity of the idea as more minds, with different needs and perspectives engage in the project?

Both challenges share a common root: How do we translate idea into action – move it intact from the Strategist world into the PD world? A warning here: If the Strategist sees their idea morph into something else, they will jump in and try to take over the detailed implementation work. They make very ugly PDs. There is an Intellect called PD/Strategist. This individual is a PD with a strong secondary intellect of Strategist. If the Strategist trusts the PD/Strategist, this person can be the bridge. Trust is critical. The right way to orchestrate this is to bring the PD/Strategist into the initiative early, as strategy and value proposition are being formulated. Accomplishing a strong handoff, the Strategist drops off the team, moving to another hotspot in the company that needs ideas. The PD/Strategist stays engaged through project completion, ensuring the plans accomplish the bold idea. This is how Method Teaming avoids innovation dilution.

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