Having penetrated and closed a major new account, companies often reward the EQ by giving them account ownership, making them the Account Manager. The CEO expects the EQ to “grow the business.” Is this the best use of an EQ or the company’s sales compensation dollars? The short answer is an emphatic No! “But, George closed Coke, he has the relationships,” our new clients tell us. “Yeah, that’s true,” our experienced clients counter, “but what does George do when he has only one account? He rakes in the big dollars booking business from “natural follow-on” deals that are occurring because our PDs are doing excellent work. He also books business because our Networkers are expanding their relationship base and preference in the account. The EQ is making his bogy with a minimum of effort and has very little incentive to go open a new account. In the meantime, the PD’s who are doing all the delivery work and closing the follow-on business get mad and resentful watching the EQ get credit for their natural follow-on business. And the Networkers are resentful of the EQ because the EQ is raking in the orders from the Networkers relationship base. So coming back to the question of which intellect should own the account, this will vary a bit from company to company and, sometimes, from account to account; but the important thing is that they all know how to deploy the intellects on their team in the best way to maximize revenue from all three layers of the revenue triangle.

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