Do you think this team is diverse?


Appearance is a poor indicator of diversity.  This group was recruited in the image of their boss. That’s an all-too-common phenomenon.

Since they are all PDs, they are built to do the same job. That’s the problem when a team lacks diversity.

Here’s a truly diverse team:

This mix of Intellects could design, build and sell you a space station. They were recruited for their cognitive or intellectual diversity to achieve a specific mission.

The Method Teaming approach to building teams takes into consideration the core functions of the team and the Intellects built to do those functions: Strategists, EQs, Networkers and PDs. Once companies understand the science of teaming, engagement and productivity increase dramatically.

The traditional approach to recruitment leaves us poorly equipped to evaluate potential team members.  This leaves us frustrated because we know a cognitively-blended team will always obliterate a group of individual contributors.


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