Scientific Talent Management Process puts Sales Strategy Back on Track in Fortune 250 Telecom Company



Talent acquisition at this major US telco was failing. The business was suffering from an extremely common productivity problem, too many bad hires. Their procedures for the selection and hiring of new senior managers were fairly normal and similar to the rest of the industry. But, once hired, these previously successful individuals subsequently failed to perform to their full potential. The company was recruiting the right calibre of candidates but they were failing to work productively in their teams after they joined. The business was becoming directionless.

In particular, the account manager of a key customer relationship valued at $10m p.a. was failing. The customer had threatened cancellation due to problems dating back several years that had not been fixed.


Talent management, not just talent acquisition, had to improve. An incoming CIO recognized the symptoms of poorly performing teams. She used Method Teaming to uncover the talents and attributes of employees and compile the iconic all-revealing Method Teaming individual and team talent maps. Using these she was able to rapidly diagnose problems in team and employee engagement and overall human capital management. She discovered that many people were playing ‘out of position’ in their job roles and were unable to use their deep-seated talents. They were becoming disengaged and unco-operative.

The natural talents of the management team, newly-revealed, guided the CIO in how to re-distribute work assignments. Morale rose immediately, as did productivity, when staff took on their new roles. People were at last doing the work they had always wanted to do, but never realized. There were a number of ‘finally found my purpose’ moments among those who were moved, the CIO remembers.

Recruitment improved too. Within a month, Method Teaming was used to find and hire a new owner of the major client relationship. This individual had been actively seeking employment and was undervalued in the marketplace. But Method Teaming identified him as exactly the right person for the role. He not only saved the client relationship but expanded it by $3m within a year. He has since become a director.


  • Morale of management team improved considerably.
  • There was a reduced risk of resignations.
  • Improved morale has trickled down to mid-level managers and staff.
  • Productivity has improved massively as the company is handling more business with the same numbers of employees.
  • A key account was saved… and grown.


Does your talent management process support your sales strategy?

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