There is so much talk about company culture.  It’s intangible, yet probably more important than the bricks and mortar beneath your office.

But if you were in charge, what would you do to create a great culture?

Perhaps you don’t create culture as much as you facilitate it.

Think about the tools you use to facilitate a meeting.  An agenda. A white board.  An ice-breaker question to jump start the conversation.  A safe environment to share ideas.  Someone to take notes.

But these props don’t guarantee the success of the meeting. Success is assured only by your preparation and by the attitude of the attendees. If they are liberated by your leadership and decide to contribute, the meeting will go well. You give them freedom, they freely follow you.

The success of a culture is also determined by leadership and contribution. You must liberate to engage.

When people are engaged, a powerful culture emerges!

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