Do you ever feel like the organization can’t make up its mind on what it wants to be?

Consider your favorite sports team.  They fire a manager after a losing season and bring in a new person to instill discipline.  The team still doesn’t win, so they fire that manager and bring in another person who is a player’s coach.  Back and forth the pendulum swings.

Consider the CEO of a company.  When the board feels pressure from shareholders, they hire a CEO who is results-driven.  That person may deliver on the results, but eventually backlash against the culture causes the board to hire a new CEO who can win over the employees.  Or perhaps the board feels like the organization needs operational improvements and hires a process-driven CEO.  Back and forth the pendulum swings.

Consider the USA political climate over the past two decades.  Back and forth between Republican and Democrat administrations…Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump.  The pendulum continues to swing.

Are the decision-makers that indecisive?  No.

We simply haven’t found a way to work together and build a more inclusive culture.  When one Intellect dominates the decision-making, then others don’t feel as if they are welcome.  Instead of contributing and diversifying the team, they sit on the sidelines and wait for their turn to take the helm.

And the pendulum swings back and forth…

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