If you could find a management tool that would tell you…

  • Exactly how to manage successful staff
  • Exactly how to manage difficult staff
  • Exactly how to manage conflict, when it arises
  • Exactly the right people to hire
  • Exactly where to put them in your team
  • Exactly how to engage your whole team
  • Exactly how to raise team productivity
  • Exactly how to make faultless recruitment and transfer decisions
  • Exactly how to develop leadership
  • Exactly how to settle family squabbles

…you’d probably think it was from a Hollywood sci-fi, wouldn’t you?

In the hugely successful comedy sci-fi ‘Men In Black’, Will Smith is shown a giant-size alien death gun by Tommy Lee Jones. To save the world, all he has to do is point the gun at the troublesome Arquillian bugs and pull the trigger. He takes the weapon off the shelf and looks down at it, smiling approvingly. “That’s what I’m talking about”, he purrs to Jones.

It’s a scene that brings out the child in all of us. Every day at work we see lots of problems around us, big and small. Our ‘child’ just wants to pick up a gun and blast those problems into pieces and make them go away for ever.

Real life isn’t like that. Complex problem-solving requires a constructive process, not a destructive one. And problems don’t get any more complex than those to do with people.

If building the perfect team was as easy as constructing a factory, there would be a lot of perfect teams in the world. Building a factory is easy. We’ve got lots of those. But building a highly productive team, a team that stays productive long-term, is much harder.

But now there’s an extremely powerful management tool that can help. It’s the constructive equivalent of Will Smith’s destructive gun. But it’s not sci-fi. It’s real.

The management tool I’m talking about is Method Teaming®. Its overriding virtue is not just that it can do everything that I said above. It’s that, although it’s based in complex science and math, it can be used by anyone. It can be used by you.

Can it really solve family disputes? Yes, I wasn’t kidding. Method Teaming can solve family squabbles too. Here’s an example.

Now you must be thinking, if the Method Teaming management tool is as good as we say it is, it must be able to boost employee retention levels to unprecedented levels to ensure the most valuable staff stay with the company for the long term?

Correct. The Method Teaming management tool will help you to recruit, engage and retain talented staff to levels you’ve only ever dreamed of. Not only that, it facilitates HR and business leaders working on team building jointly. That way, you get greater management consensus.

And a better working environment?


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