How do you create culture?

There is so much talk about company culture.  It's intangible, yet probably more important than the bricks and mortar beneath your office. But if you were in charge, what would you do to create a great culture? Perhaps you don’t create culture as much as you...

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What is culture?

Culture enters without permission Is culture a mission statement and values? Is it ping pong tables and beer taps? Or is it a shared belief system? Culture is not defined how we have experienced it. We’re more enlightened than those who went before us. Let’s reimagine...

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Diversity is not skin deep

Do you think this team is diverse? Wrong! Appearance is a poor indicator of diversity.  This group was recruited in the image of their boss. That's an all-too-common phenomenon. Since they are all PDs, they are built to do the same job. That's the problem when a team...

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